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the best skin care research team.

Kolmar Korea Research Institute

R&D-oriented company with the most prestigious field experts in Korea

With 100 years of experience and knowhow in R&D, Kolmar’s global network continues to thrive based upon constant
knowledge exchanges through symposiums and academic conferences. Kolmar’s professional R&D team is
constantly producing remarkable and advanced research achievements on the basis of innovative technologies.
Kolmar’s Materials Research Center established a research database of antioxidant, brightening, and anti-wrinkle
properties based on 3,800 plant species native to Korea, known to possess efficacies in treating skin cells up until now.
Kolmar Korea established Asia’s largest skin care cosmetics manufacturing plant in Sejong City, the first special autonomous city in South Korea.
Standardized automatic process with a manufacturing monitoring system and an above average purified water facility strengthened
the efficiency and stability to produce high quality cosmetics.


GENIC’s R&D technology created the world’s first and highest quality hydrogel and film cosmetics

Specialized in producing mask sheets, GENIC is the company that created the “water-soluble hydrogel mask” and is currently taking the lead in the market.
GENIC’s R&D Center is conducting an independent research and development on new materials and newly formulated textures.
Equipped with cutting edge facilities and based on its expertise and knowhow, GENIC’s factory possesses a thorough quality testing system
and is certified by the ISO-GMP, CGMP (Excellent Cosmetics Manufacturing and Quality Control Standards by the Korea Food & Drug Administration),
ISO-9001 (Quality Management System), ISO-14001 (Environmental Management System) certification,
ISO-22716 (International Excellent Cosmetics Manufacturing and Quality Management Standard), and ECOCERT.